Oakfield Champignons B.V. is a professional trading company with a complete assortment of mushrooms, all from our own production. As a trading company we speak the language of the international trading business and as mushroom growers we have the experience and knowledge of growing high-quality mushrooms. 

This combination enables us to grow mushrooms suited to our customer’s needs and to react immediately to our client’s demands.  The direct line between customer and grower allows a rapid exchange of information and a greater flexibility.    

We produce white mushrooms, Chestnut mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms, Eryngii or King Oyster mushrooms, Nameko, Shimeji and Maitake mushrooms.

Our goal is not to produce as many mushrooms as possible, but to grow high quality mushrooms in the volumes that our customers need. Consequently we do not have residual stock and can therefore guarantee maximum freshness. We grow, pick, pack and prepare for distribution all carried out in one location; our farm in Stramproy. As we manage all these processes ourselves the optimal freshness of our mushrooms is greatly enhanced because we do not have to transport the goods from one location to another.

We have many years of experience in supplying the British retail market (Waitrose, Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi UK, Ocado,) directly and without third party intervention. We have applied this experience and knowledge gained with the British retail industry to start business relationships with other clients throughout Europe and the rest of the World. We have the necessary certificates to endorse our quality and honest way of growing and selling mushrooms.

We are a financially strong partner, our Company runs entirely on its own financial resources. The income generated from the sale of our mushrooms therefore contributes directly to the quality and continuity of the product. Our team consists of passionate and dedicated personnel, who have a wealth of experience. This ensures that the reliability, consistent quality and specification of our mushrooms is guaranteed    

In summary Oakfield Champignons BV can reassure all their customers that they will be completely satisfied in terms of quality, quantity, service and continuity.