1955 – How it all started

Mr Pleunis senior expands his farm with three cells to grow mushrooms. The mushroom farm consisted of cells and a pasteurization unit.

1960 to 1969

The farm grows continuously and all other farm activities are disbanded. A combined effort is put into the growing of mushrooms.


Mr. Pleunis senior and his five sons turn the company into a B.V. (limited Company) and Pleunis B.V. is created. Two years later the Company is handed over from Pleunis Senior to his sons. Ton Pleunis becomes the new president of the company.


By now the Company had expanded to such an extent that a new completely computerised, plantation was built, at that time Pleunis B.V. was one of the leading companies in Europe. This was achieved due to the innovations on the technical side, as well as on the refinement aspects of the plantation. Pleunis B.V. made their own compost, and worked with CHP (combined heat and power) to provide heated beds, where the mushrooms were grown.


This was an eventful year for Pleunis B.V. because the company was sold to the Begemann Group. However, without the involvement of the five brothers, the knowledge that is needed for  mushroom growing had disappeared and this resulted in difficult times. 22 employees continued the company, with loans from the bank, this worked very well, so a bid was made by 'The Mushroom Specialist' from Ammerzoden, which was accepted

1998 - Oakfield Farm Products Limited

After some turbulent years Oakfield Farm Products Limited from England, who had been growing and selling mushrooms since 1982 bought the Company, so more stable times were ahead.  At this point the Company initially became a production facility for its British counterpart.  Over time the focus changed and it became apparent that with substantial investment, sales could be developed direct, so a sales and managerial team was created within the Netherlands. We now had all the growing skills and management attributes in place to become one of the leading mushroom Companies in Europe.

Now - Oakfield Champignons B.V.

At this time, Oakfield Mushrooms B.V., although still affiliated with Oakfield Farm Products Limited, has its own identity, and operates a separate business. Some time ago the partnership with its parent company was ended, enabling Oakfield Champignons BV to both cultivate and trade from their own account. Our aim is to omit middlemen and supply direct. This puts Oakfield Champignons B.V. at the top of the supply chain with regards to quality and integrity 

Maurice Koppen, Managing Director of Oakfield Champignons B.V.  is also responsible for the sales.

In 1998 Maurice Koppen began working at the Company; it soon became clear that he had great passion and potential. A year later he became the unit leader of one of the production buildings, he continued to make changes to make sure quality and continuity were maintained. In 2005 Maurice Koppen was appointed to a management position having responsibility for the planning, sales and daily communication with the parent company in England. With passion for the business and the vision that Oakfield Champignons B.V. would evolve without intermediaries, he made the decision to deliver the products directly to retail. Maurice Koppen’s vision today is the same: to sell its products directly, as close to the consumer as possible.  This development proves to be successful, and Oakfield Farm Products Limited allows Oakfield Champignons BV to evolve as an independent company. In 2012 Maurice Koppen was officially appointed as Managing Director, and with his vision, he and his experienced and passionate team are leading the Company to a successful and positive future.